August 25, 2012

Some Cool Facts About Richard Grieco

OK all you Richard Grieco fans!!! Here's some fun facts that will test your "Grieco" knowledge, and see how big of a fan you really are.
Did you know that Richard Grieco...

  • Is half Irish, half Italian. What a combo!
  • Is also a musician? He has an album out called "WAITING FOR THE SKY TO FALL" which apparently was a success in Europe. Come on Americans, wake up!!
  • Use to date Baywatch babe Yasmine Bleeth. Pamela was already dating someone else at the time
  • Has a black panther tattoo on his shoulder
  • Was a guest star on an episode of "WHO'S THE BOSS" (whoa!!! Tony Danza and Richard Grieco, talk about a double whammy!!!)
  • Writes poetry and paints (Watch the fuck out, modern day Leonardo DaVinci in the house!!) 
  • Favorite food is Pizza! (OK, I made that one up, but it should be pizza cause thats my fav) 

I'm out of facts for now, but I hope you learned a little something about Richard Grieco besides him being a major stud muffin! But here's a poem to remind you about his amazing talent (I like to this think he wrote this about me)

Child of Hollywood
l Credits: Richard Grieco l
Child of Hollywood
Cocaine in her dresser drawer
Satisfaction ten minutes away
Just a sniff and she'll be blown away Child of Hollywood
Just needs a friend
A lonely girl's life made up of pretend
Always glassy eyed
with no means to an end Child of Hollywood
In a red Porsche
Another sniff and everything's all right
Flies off a cliff on an endless flight

At peace at last
Without a friend and without a past
Child of Hollywood
alone at last


  1. Here are a few extra facts for you, since you said you were out:

    Richard still has the motorcycle he rode on Booker (along with at least two others).

    He's painted for more than twenty years but never considered selling his work until Dennis Hopper suggested it a few years ago--now his paintings sell for upwards of $10k.

    He created and produces the reality show Gigolos.

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