February 6, 2013

I Love You Kai

OK, so I have already decided that I naming my first born kid after this guy, Kai, straight out of dogtown. All he wants to do is go surfin', smoke some sweet bud, and club people in the head with a hatchet if need be.  Gotta give this mother fucker props cause if it wasn't for him there would be bodies everywhere!! Shhhitttt... yeeaahhh. He reminds me of the guys I met when I was stranded in San Francisco after clipping weed in Ukiah for a few weeks. I got dropped off the bus station and was trying to figure what the hell I was going to do. These guys came up to me, both lookin' just like mother fucking Kai, asking me if I knew where they could catch some cargo ship going to Hawaii and if I wanted to go. If it wasn't for the cops or the pole-icy telling us to move on I would have went with them... I would have fucking went. Fuck.

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