February 18, 2013

Too Fast For Love

If you do not own this book by photographer David Yellen, then shame on fucking you. This should be a part of everyone's library collection, or the only thing in your library collection. Shit you don't even have to read!  All you have to do is open up a can of bud light, sit back, turn on some White Snake, and flip through those glossy pages. A world that is right at your finger tips.

If you have ever been to a rock band concert in the 80's early 90's you have seen these people no doubt. But if you have ever been to these same band concerts circa 2001 until present day, you will see these types of super fans there once again. You might even see the same goddamn people as in the book. You will see mullets, home made tattoos and girls in tight one piece spandex body suits waiting by the side of the stage for their one chance to blow a member of Cinderella. These fans are still out there and thanks to Yellen's  'Too Fast For Love'  he has captured them at their best moments. These people have been dressing this way for decades. Fans for decades. Sure they may have tacked on a few more DUI's and wrinkles, but all in all, their look has NOT changed. Most importantly their heart has not changed.

I myself have been privileged enough to attend a few of these concerts in recent years, and though I don't necessary believe in time machines per say, I do believe once you step through those concert gates you are in a different dimension. A time when smoking a cigarette with your 1 year old on your lap was acceptable. A time when black eyeliner was for everyone. A time when your main goal was to do anything, I mean anything possible to get back stage for the chance to snort some coke off your favorite band members cock.  (Ok maybe thats just me) It was camaraderie, a judge free zone. I felt, for the first time in years a sense of belonging. But I guarantee you, rock is not dead, these fans have been keeping it real since '82 and thank fucking god for them. Thank god.

photos: davidyellen.com

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